Ein lesenswerter und korrekturfreundlicher Aufsatz. Zu internen Beziehungen zwischen Konstituenten adjektivischer Rektionskomposita im Deutschen

  1. Jarosław Aptacy


Adjectival synthetic compounds in German

The subject of this paper are adjectival synthetic compounds in which the second element (head) selects the first constituent grammatically and semantically. The first constituent is anchored in the argument structure of the adjectival head. The adjectives with an argument structure can place their arguments either word externally in the form of a syntactic phrase or word internally in the form of a compound. In this paper the latter phenomenon is analyzed but also relations to word-external argument realization are considered. Specifically, the status of adjective heads as free morphemes(stems) or bound morphemes (suffixoids) is discussed. There seem to be more arguments in favor of the former solution, so the structures can be regarded as ordinary compounds rather than products of derivation. Relations between the argument realization in form of compounds or syntactic phrases are another focus of the paper. Particularly in the case of formations with participle head correlations between the argument type (subject, object) and its ability to act as the first constituent in the adjectival synthetic compound can be found.


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Studia Linguistica

34, 2015

Pages from 7 to 22

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